Sunday, August 5th

Finally! a new podcast: D-Program June 2012!

Hey everybody, thank you for being so patient with the podcast update my life has been so action packed lately, I have been struggling to keep up on the podcasts.  The good news is I have just finished a brand spank’n new podcast featuring my favorite dubstep and drumstep bangers from the last couple months.  You can download it below or search for D-Program or Tech Support Recordings under the podcast section at iTunes and subscribe to receive updates every time I upload a new mix.  I am currently trying to update a Mixcloud account (  Finally if all else fails go to my soundcloud page at: …and you can download it there as well as keep up with all the new TSR releases available via Spotify, iTunes, and  Thanks for listening and enjoy the new format with no interruptions or intro for those long road trips!

Wednesday, June 13th

DIGITAL REVOLUTION – New D-Program 12 track album due in stores July

In true D-Program fashion, I have been teasing the new album for some time now.  First I said this spring, then it became late June, now we are looking at July FO SHO!  You see, this is by far my favorite compilation of D-Program tracks yet, so I’m trying to make sure all the planets line up properly before putting it on blast for the world to digest!  It features 12 tracks of epic chaos including BPMs that range from 140 (dub step) to 110 (2stepy house madness) to 200 (hyper tech drum step) and beyond.  How does he manage this organized chaos without sounding like a chipmunk on crack you wonder.  Well there’s only one way to find out.  First you must find the TSR (Tech Support Recordings) label pages neatly tucked away on and iTunes and keep up with the plethora of past singles and EP’s, and then stay tuned and be poised for the day the big bass drops.  DIGITAL REVOLUTION is coming to all major online dance retailers very very soon and you can catch teases of it as I release a couple of the original tracks with guest remixers over the next month or so.


Wednesday, June 13th

April Showers EP OUT NOW! Check out the video May Flowers on Youtube

EP #1 is already available for download as we speak.  The EP is entitled April Showers EP and features one of my favorite tracks off of DIGITAL REVOLUTION: April Showers.  It also features a remix by one of my best friends and long time bass scientists Richard Toogood aka Formula 25.  This mix is a little bit pay-stepish and crafted for those early morning sunrises that we desert ravers know all too well.  Another track is by far the newest production I have completed and is a Rober Miles influenced Drum Step track called Nothing Personal.  If you don’t already know about the Drum Step business well then I will let this epic banger speak for itself!  Also included is a Glitch-Hop/Dubstep friendly instrumental entitled May Flowers to celebrate the onset of spring this lovely 2012.  You can hear this track in its entirety (before adding it to you playlist and blasting it at every after party you attend this summer) on my new youtube video showcasing some of my DIY photography and clips showing my favorite angles of Bay Area geology, oceanography, and botany subjects!  I have no idea what he just said you say!??? That’s because you have yet to subscribe to my new youtube VLOG!!!!


Wednesday, June 13th

Behind The Scenes Video Blog Now on YouTube!

I have decided that it is important that I give y’all a glimpse into the more private side of D-Program’s life. Since all of our civil liberties are dwindling in this country anyway I thought what better time than now to expose myself as a father, family man, husband, international super star student and teacher, and yes, DJ and producer with a no holes bared tell all reality show type blog!!! What is this video blog business that I have never heard of you wonder? Well, in my college english class this fall I learned about a new phenomenon creeping across the globe where people sit in front of their webcams and spill their guts to the world in a video diary format. I’ve really fallen in love with some of the amazing human beings I have met through the process and was inspired to bring my own eccentric brand of DJ-Daddy P to the youtube market as well. There are several episodes up for you to check out now including a trip to the San Francisco Zoo my boys, an introduction to the D-Program family, a night out at Ritual Dubstep SF’s 2 yr. anniversary party, and things I will miss about the U.S. of A. OMG!! WHAT!! D-Program’s been kicked out of the states for manufacturing epically criminal bass sine waves!?!?! no not exactly, but I am headed over seas for a 4 year adventure in the land of the rising sun!

Wednesday, June 13th

D-Program goes to Japan. In November of 2012

cherry blossom templeMy family and I (which by then will have grown by 1 beautiful baby girl) is moving the TSR imprint over the Pacific for a bit. In efforts to begin touring every asian nation and part of Europe, I will be expanding my network and releasing tracks from a little town just north of Tokyo. (no not Fukashima) But you can bet, the beats that begin to emerge from the TSR camp will no doubt have a radio active tinge to them! So …. the only way to stay in touch and fallow our progress now is to keep up with the sights (youtube) and sounds (iTunes) and daunting productivity ( is by tracking our progress on line (Facebook) and before you know it I’ll be back for my first U.S. tour as a Japanese gaijing resident. Whewwww that was a lot to process I know. I love you all and will miss you and this land of the free sooooooo much. reserve a spot for me on an art car for next years burn and keep on rocking in this free market world. We’ll catch you on the flip side!

D-DAddy P-rogram!

Friday, June 3rd

TSR Podcast for April 2k11 featuring Cosmic Selector of Opulent Temple and the TekFreaks

Cosmic Selector is a long time friend of Tech Support and has been DJing with TSR since its inception.  When all TSR was was a Thursday night drum and bass weekly at a little dive club called the “Shadow Bar” Cos had our back so were giving back now by offering up the first Tech Support Podcast guest spot in hopes for some new school glitchy goodness.  Stay pealed for an interview about throwing raves at the classic international rave center: Home Base  warehouse back in the 90′s, Cos’s take on the evolution of breaks and bass in SF music since that period, and how that generation has taken the vibe to the next level with the super party collective: Opulent Temple out on the playa!  I promise…in between essays and raising future bassheads we’ll get this in….and it will be juicy:-)

no track list

Wednesday, February 2nd

TSR Podcast for winter 2k11 by D-Program

The winter mix by D-Program is a set list of his favorite rave tracks for the winter.  The mix includes a  combination of tracks from DJ sets that D played at a bunch of Geo-Magnetic parties, and club nights throughout the bay.  There are shoutouts in the mix for the trainspotters as well as a track list.  Thanks for listening.

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Set List  2.2.2011  D-Program
1   MajorLazer – Never Good Enough (The Killabits Remix)
2  The Shard – D-Program Tech Support Recordings/
3   Get Tuff – Helicopter Showdown (Skulltrane & Fresh Young Minds Remix)
4   Eptic – Obey
5   From The Drop – MJ Cole & Wiley (MJ’s Drop Dubb)
6   Thekla Riddim – MJ Cole
7   Glowsticks – Benga
8   Remote Viewing -  Bloodman
9   Molly – Swindle
10 MDMA – Redlight (Clipz)
11 Dungeons – JTRP
12 Acid – Terror Danjah
13 EveryGirl In the World – Young Money
14 The Traveler – D-Program (B.A.D. 1 Full Melt Recordings)
15 Aluma 6 – Aluma  Tech Support Recordings
16 Girl Unit – Wut
17 Stars – Starkey (Slugabed Did A Remix)
18 Vinja – Droppleganger
19 Drug War – D-Program (Djunya Remix) forthcoming Tech Support
20 Indica – Djunya (feat. Stevie Culture)
21 Playing With Fire – Starkey (Ital Tek Remix)
22 Policy – Farewell TH3
23 Another Day – D-Program – forthcoming Tech Support
24 Feel So Real – Rusko (Dubbel Dutch Remix)


Tuesday, February 1st

The Mountain Dub EP Out in all digital stores NOW!

2.1.2011…the bass drops tonight!!!

7Digital Amazon Audio Jelly Beatport Beats Digital Dance All Day Dance Music Hub Digital Tunes DJ-Tunes E Music Ibiza Dance Club iTunes Juno Masterbeat Musiwave Napster Nokia Nowtrax Rdio Rhapsody Satellite Records Swag Records Thumplay Track It Down Vidzone Wasabeat DJMR

Tuesday, February 1st

Sat. Feb. 5th 2011 Dubstep Academy 101:5 Stage Dubstep Massive!

Saturday, January 1st

Welcome! Official Blog/Website launch 1/1/11

We here at Tech Support Recordings are so very proud to announce that after a year of blood sweat and tears, our territory is marked and our home base is established!  In addition to the new blog and podcast, we have signed with Oseao Media Group for digital distribution and publishing, finally putting us on the dance music Mp3 giant:, as well as Itunes and all other big or small EDM vendors.  Don’t sleep on signing up for our email list so that you may have access to free promotional track downloads pre-release, exclusive mixes only available to our email list, event and touring info, ticket discounts, giveaways, and guest list spots.  We are looking to the future with great inspiration and vision  and will be adding exciting new content such as Artist and Author interviews, in studio tutorials with TSR producers, industry tips, and even a label subscription service.  Welcome, and thank you for listening.